Rules and Statutes

The selected rules and code sections provided below may be of special interest to senior lawyers.  The entire Rules of Professional Conduct, State Bar Act, and more selected code sections can be found at the main Ethics Information page.

Rules of Professional Conduct

  • Rule 1-320 Financial Arrangements with Non-Lawyers
  • Rule 1-400 Advertising and Solicitation
  • Rule 1-650 Limited Legal Services Programs
  • Rule 2-200 Financial Arrangements Among Lawyers
  • Rule 2-300 Sale or Purchase  of a Law Practice of Member, Living or Deceased
  • Rule 3-100 Confidential Information of a Client
  • Rule 3-110 Failing to Act Completely
  • Rule 3-310 Avoiding the Representation of Adverse Interests
  • Rule 3-410 Disclosure of Professional Liability Insurance
  • Rule 3-700 Termination of Employment
  • Rule 4-100 Preserving Identity of Funds and Property of a Client

Rules of Court

  • Rule 9.6 (former Rule 950.5) Roll of Attorneys Admitted to Practice
  • Rule 9.7 Online Reporting by Attorneys

California Statutes

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