CAL 1979-48 to CAL 1983-75

Opinion # Summary
CAL 1979-48 Is it unethical for an attorney to fail to pay reasonable reporter's fees for contracted services?
CAL 1979-49 May a district attorney interview a criminal defendant represented by counsel in another matter and may a defense attorney represent two criminal defendants, one of whom may be called as a witness against the other?
CAL 1979-50 What ethical obligations exist when client confidences may be disclosed or are disclosed by a secretary/nonattorney employee?
CAL 1979-51 Ethical responsibilities involved in labor action by attorneys employed by public agencies.
CAL 1980-52 May a public defender represent a defendant in a criminal case when a witness in the case is a former client of the public defender?
CAL 1980-53 May an attorney ethically charge interest on past due receivables from clients and, if so, (i) what may the interest rate be and (ii) how may the rate be charged?
CAL 1980-54 Is it improper to distribute unsolicited letters to potential business clients describing services offered by the sender?
CAL 1981-55 May an attorney act as guarantor on a client's cost bond?
CAL 1981-56 May an attorney ethically include binding arbitration provisions in attorney/client retainer agreements?
CAL 1981-57 May an attorney ethically represent a client in a claim against clients of a former legal partner?
CAL 1981-58 May an attorney ethically disclose the opinion of an expert to third parties?
CAL 1981-59 May a public defender ethically continue to represent two defendants charged in separate, unrelated criminal cases when one defendant attempts to become, or has become, an undercover informant against the other defendant?
CAL 1981-60 What are the ethical considerations involved in an attorney's participation in a service exchange in which a percentage of the legal fees earned are paid to the exchange?
CAL 1981-61 May an attorney, by letter or in person, ethically solicit business from another attorney by recommending himself or herself for professional employment? May the attorney do so when the recommendation of employment is made to an attorney who is employed full-time as legal counsel to a business not engaged in the delivery of legal services, and when the purpose of the recommendation is to obtain the business as a client for the recommending attorney?
CAL 1981-62 May an attorney ethically take promissory notes or liens as security for fees?
CAL 1981-63 May the law firm of a member of a city council ethically represent tort plaintiffs in actions against the city when the city has given informed consent?
CAL 1981-64 What are the ethical responsibilities of attorneys employed by legal services programs whose funding from the Legal Services Corporation may be substantially reduced or terminated?
CAL 1982-65 May a lawyer donate legal services to a charitable or nonprofit corporation which will auction the services to the highest bidder as a fund raising device?
CAL 1982-66 Is it proper to use a single "trade name" for a law office and, if so, is it proper to use multiple trade names for the same office?
CAL 1982-67 May an attorney send letters to nonclients detailing fees and costs for "routine" legal services and specifying qualifications of firm members?
CAL 1982-68 Creditor client's use of attorney demand letters on delinquent accounts.
CAL 1982-69 May an attorney who is also licensed as a real estate broker act in both capacities on behalf of a client in connection with the purchase of real property? If an attorney may act in both capacities, is it ethically proper for the attorney to enter into a fee agreement with the client whereby the attorney is compensated by either sharing in the real estate broker's commission if the transaction is consummated or at the attorney's usual hourly rate if the transaction is not consummated?
CAL 1983-70 Where an attorney has agreed to participate in a lawyer referral service under a written contract which obligates the attorney to return to the service ten percent of all fees collected over $300 minimum, may the attorney ethically raise fees to "cover" the percentage paid to the service?
CAL 1983-71 What authority does the ABA Model Code of Professional Responsibility have for the California lawyer?
CAL 1983-72 In a dissolution of marriage proceeding, may an attorney enter into a contingent fee agreement with one of the parties regarding a dispute (a) as to whether property is a community asset or not; (b) based upon the value of other community assets where there is no dispute as to percentage ownership but a dispute as to percentage of ownership or value? In a dissolution of marriage proceeding, may an attorney enter into a contingent fee agreement to represent one of the parties based upon the amount of spousal and/or child support recovered? If an attorney is requested to represent a party to attempt to recover spousal and child support which have not been paid pursuant to a valid court order or agreement, may the attorney enter into a contingent fee agreement based upon the amount of past due support which is ultimately recovered?
CAL 1983-73 What are the ethical responsibilities under rule 7-104 when representing a client who intends to file a licensing complaint against an adverse party pending resolution of a separate civil matter?
CAL 1983-74 Does a member of the State Bar employed as an attorney in a civil, non-jury trial have a duty to apprise the court if he/she knows that his/her client has committed testimonial perjury?
CAL 1983-75 Attorney's seeking the referral of potential clients by a lay intermediary.