CAL 1971-24 to CAL 1977-47

Opinion # Summary
CAL 1971-24 Is it proper to use a union "bug" on a lawyer's letterhead or union identification symbols under the identification line on a lawyer's correspondence?
CAL 1971-25 Ethical propriety of the use by a law firm of the services of an outside data processing center in view of lawyer-client privilege and lawyer's duty to preserve the secrets of his or her client.
CAL 1971-26 Not Published
CAL 1971-27 Use of a firm name indicating a partnership when, in fact, there is no partnership.
CAL 1971-28 Not Published
CAL 1972-29 What are the ethical responsibilities with respect to an attorney's participation in a lecture series to be reproduced on cable television?
CAL 1972-30 Requesting or agreeing to a trial date when the attorney does not intend to commence the trial on that date.
CAL 1974-31 Not Published
CAL 1975-32 Is it proper to publish professional announcements in "nonlegal newspapers"?
CAL 1975-33 Ethical propriety of defense counsel's communication with plaintiff's physician, without consent of plaintiff's counsel, in a pending personal injury action.
CAL 1975-34 Ethical considerations involved in the division of fees pursuant to separation and retirement agreements.
CAL 1975-35 Is it proper for an attorney to represent a subordinate at the request of the head of the criminal organization where only the subordinate is charged with the commission of a crime, or where both the subordinate and head are charged with the commission of a crime and where the legal fee is to be paid by the head of the criminal organization, provided the subordinate does not cooperate with the prosecution?
CAL 1975-36 Ethical responsibilities involved in preserving the identity of trust account funds.
CAL 1976-37 May a lawyer representing a client in a child custody proceeding properly notify the court of conflicting interests disclosed by the confidences or secrets of his or her client?
CAL 1976-38 May an attorney ethically advance costs of litigation on behalf of a client?
CAL 1976-39 Ethical considerations involved in communicating with jurors after the trial of a criminal case.
CAL 1976-40 May a prosecutor ethically inform a crime victim of possible civil remedies?
CAL 1976-41 May an attorney ethically represent a client in seeking letters of administration with the will annexed of a decedent's estate and then represent the same client in seeking a decree determining that the client is a pretermitted heir?
CAL 1977-42 May a public defender ethically solicit employment?
CAL 1977-43 May an attorney discuss a subject of litigation against a city with a public official without consent of the city attorney?
CAL 1977-44 May an attorney ethically become a member of a service exchange?
CAL 1977-45 Ethical considerations involved in the representation of minors by a district attorney "in the interest of the state" in proceedings under section 300 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.
CAL 1977-46 May an attorney-council member represent clients in civil or criminal matters in which the city he or she serves as council member has an adverse interest or position?
CAL 1977-47 Ethical considerations involved in malpractice arbitration agreements between lawyers and clients.