CAL 1965-1 to CAL 1970-23

Opinion # Summary
CAL 1965-1 Ground rules for processing questions on legal ethics.
CAL 1965-2 Not Published
CAL 1965-3 May the attorney for a plaintiff properly interview the manager of defendant chamber of commerce without obtaining the consent of its counsel?
CAL 1966-4 Not Published
CAL 1966-5 May an attorney record telephone conversations?
CAL 1966-6 Not Published
CAL 1967-7 Ethical propriety of listings by lawyers and law firms in out-of-town telephone directories.
CAL 1967-8 Ethical considerations concerning paid political advertising by attorneys.
CAL 1967-9 Not Published
CAL 1967-10 Ethical propriety of circularizing State Bar pamphlets, recommending legal work to clients, and referring clients to attorneys specializing in particular areas of law.
CAL 1967-11 Ethical considerations involved in an attorney's duty of candor to opposing counsel.
CAL 1967-12 May a member of the bar offer a lecture course to businesspersons or other lay persons in the fundamentals of certain areas of the law?
CAL 1968-13 May a member of the State Bar act as an agent for a corporation in soliciting personal management contracts between the corporation and professional athletes?
CAL 1968-14 Not Published
CAL 1968-15 Is it proper for a member of the State Bar to become an affiliate member of a board of realtors?
CAL 1968-16 It is proper for an attorney to delay a divorce action until his or her fees are paid?
CAL 1969-17 May an attorney ethically participate in a series of radio programs in which he or she is to discuss topics related to law and talk with members of the listening audience by telephone?
CAL 1969-18 May an attorney ethically associate with a firm of aviation consultants for the purpose of rendering legal advice in connection with the preparation of plans for the location and construction of public airports? If so, is it proper to use a biographical resume of the attorney for inclusion in a written brochure for presentation to the clients of the firm?
CAL 1969-19 Is it ethical for a lawyer to consent to or permit his or her name to be used in advertising material to potential investors, indicating the lawyer's opinion of tax benefits to potential investors, when so required by rules of the commissioner of corporations?
CAL 1970-20 Is it proper to have a telephone listing of a patent law firm in the classified section of the directory under "Patent Attorneys and Agents," when said patent law firm presently has a listing in the directory under "Patent Lawyers"? Is it proper to use the name of a patent agent, hired by the law firm, with the name of the law firm in a classified telephone directory under "Patent Attorneys and Agents"?
CAL 1970-21 Not Published
CAL 1970-22 May an attorney represent or continue to represent more than one co-defendant in a criminal case after he or she recognizes the existence of a potential conflict of interest between them?
CAL 1970-23 Is an attorney ethically bound to accept appointment by court to represent indigent defendants in criminal cases?