The Commission's work is a multi-year project. The last effort of the Commission began in 1985, with initial action by the Supreme Court in 1989 adopting the revised rules and further action of the Court in 1992 adopting supplemental revisions to the rules. The process entails:

  1. The Commission developing its initial work product;
  2. That work product being considered by the Board's Committee on Regulation and Discipline ("CORD");
  3. That work product being developed and circulated for public comment;
  4. The results of the public comment being evaluated and incorporated into the Commission's work product;
  5. The Board of Governors adopting the final work product and recommending adoption of by the California Supreme Court;
  6. Submission of the State Bar's recommendations to the Supreme Court;
  7. And the Supreme Court's deliberative process and final action on rule revisions.